Map of crimes in Saaremaa county

Your task is to create nicely designed (proper, resolution, title, legend, map scale) thematic maps of crimes in Saaremaa county.

  1. grid map of crimes
  2. number of crimes in settlements of Saaremaa county.

Some hints for the second subtask: - Download administrative units

  • keep only county of Saaremaa (MNIMI == Saare maakond)
  • use spatial join (st_join(crimes, Saaremaa_county_districts)); count crimes by city districts ANIMI; create the map!
  • optional: in case you want to demonstrate yous skills you can add some additional information on map: major roads, 3-4 place names (e.g. Kuressaare, Lümanda, Orissaare, Valjala)

Upload the R-code and nicely designed document (html, pdf, doc, etc) to Moodle!

Author: Anto Aasa
Last update: 2022-12-07 11:44:44